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Brian Green

Charlotte, NC

Creator of #TheBBBChallenge | Gear Developer, Designer, Tester, BeeKeeper

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Creator of #TheBBBChallenge | Gear Developer, Designer, Tester, BeeKeeper

Brian Green is the founder of Brian's Backpacking Blog (www.briangreen.net) one of the most trusted and well recognized online resources for hiking and ultralight backpacking gear information for over two decades. In addition to his love of the outdoors he is an accomplished gear designer who advises several well-known outdoor brands on product development. He's designed a line of Swiss-made dive watches that were produced under the name Prometheus Ocean Diver. Brian's professional background enabled him to become a natural gear hacker. His hacks have been featured on Instructables.com, published in MAKE Magazine, Hacker Monthly, and won awards. He's not afraid to hack any piece of gear if he thinks he can make it better and share with his readers.